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Available in all Southern GP Federations 

The PICRT is a regional service which supports practices at risk to develop and implement an effective Practice Recovery Plan.

They provide expert General Practice managerial support at short notice for practices at high risk or in a crisis. Practices in crisis can also gain improved access to clinical GP cover at short notice to assist struggling practices who are under intense pressure and at risk of collapse .

When a practice does collapse the GP will hand the contract back to SPPG and it leaves their patients with no GMS cover, thus putting pressure on neighbouring practices as a result. The PICRT can be parachuted into a practice in trouble with 2 weeks’ notice.  Their input is free to the practice.  When the team is not undertaking PICR work they are available using an online booking system for practices in the Eastern area. Referral occurs through the SPPG local offices. Once the practice is referred the PICRT, both the GP and Practice Manager Lead visits the at risk practice and helps formulate a short and medium term plan to keep the practice’s services in place while seeking to design a longer term strategy to stabilise the practice.

Resources that can be used include workload reviews, additional resources from Federation and SPPG, input from members of a list of experienced GPs and Practice Managers that they can arrange to connect with the practices, and sessional GP input. Generally, the PICRT will be involved in supporting practices for up to 3-6 months. There is active review of the support given to practices. 

                                                                           Referral Process


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